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LendingLink has revolutionized the visualization of portfolios through its integration with Google Maps. Our user-friendly interface enables you to interact with commercial real estate assets on an interactive map, access asset information by simple hovering over them. View aggregated loan and property metrics such as Loan Amount, Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR), Loan-to-Value (LTV), Loan-to-Cost Ratio (LTC), Appraised Values, Vacancies, and much more. Easily search for loans within a specific radius or draw shapes around areas of interest to find properties. With over 500 loan data elements available, you can display and filter the results to suit your needs.

Our integration with Google Maps is a game-changer for leadership teams, analysts, and underwriters, providing a higher level of efficiency and innovation. This integration enables quick access to critical data, facilitating informed decision-making and offering opportunities for robust reporting. By using our integration, you can keep ahead of the competition, respond promptly to changes, and expand your portfolio.


  • Quickly access averages, weighted averages, and counts for key loan metrics, such as loan amount, DSCR, LTV, LTC, unit mix, cap rate, and more.
  • Effortlessly access asset summaries and full loan details by hovering over the marker on the map.
  • Search for loans within geographic boundaries or a nearby radius, and save and reuse your searches for future reference or other reports.
  • Save time and resources by preventing duplicate quoting of loans; view nearby deals when sizing up new loans.
  • Easily retrieve and compare data from your existing portfolio to identify and highlight differences.
  • Enjoy all of the features offered by Google Maps, including satellite and street views.
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